Incident blotter: Student punched in face during Senior Week Cruise, odor of gasoline in JEC

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Thursday, May 14

East Campus Athletic Village

Suspicious Person: A student reported that an unknown individual asked for the location of Lake George from a vehicle. The reporting person claimed the person driving the car was acting suspiciously, and ran away. The driver did not follow the person. The Department of Public Safety and the Dean of Student’s Office were notified.

Beman Lane

Harassment: A student reported being harassed via Facebook by a fellow student. The harassing content was not of a threatening manner, but the harasser was making false claims against the student. The student filed a harassment complaint in late April or early May, but the harasser was not known at that time. A harassment report was completed, and Residence Life and DOSO were notified.

Friday, May 22

Peoples Avenue Complex

Vandalism: A cleaner working in the J-Building reported instances of vandalism that occurred overnight, including overturned chairs, pictures removed from the walls, and pizza boxes left across the building. An incident report was filed.

Saturday, May 23

Mueller Center

Larceny: A student reported that a wallet with cash, a set of car keys, and various credit cards had been stolen from a cubby. A video of incident was obtained from the Mueller Center and a copy was sent to the Troy Police Department. The suspect was using a stolen device to take pictures, and the pictures of the suspect were accessible from the student’s tablet.

Larceny: Another wallet was stolen from a cubby. The wallet contained a military ID, a credit card, and a small amount of cash. As a precaution, the responding DPS officer instructed Mueller Center front desk staff to discourage students from using the cubbies. The officer also proceeded to man the Mueller Center desk in plain clothes. The surveillance footage was reviewed, but the cubby containing the reporting person’s wallet was out of the view of the camera.
Larceny: A DPS officer reported seeing an individual matching the description of the suspect from the previous larceny incidents. The person was seen walking on 15th Street, headed towards the Mueller Center, wearing shorts and a striped shirt. The individual left campus and was stopped by TPD and DPS. A TPD officer completed a field investigation with the individual, and a follow-up was done.

Wednesday, May 27

Mueller Center

Injury: An elderly individual fell out of a wheelchair. The person was conscious, breathing, and alert, and there was no bleeding. Troy Fire Department transported the patient to Samaritan Hospital, and a medical report was filed.

Off-Campus Location

Battery: A student was punched in the face by a fellow student on the Senior Week cruise. TPD was notified, and a DPS officer completed a report on the arrest of a student.

Saturday, June 13

On-Campus Location

Drug Abuse: A student under the influence of LSD punched out a window with a bare hand and was bleeding. TFD and DPS officers responded to the person. The call also mentioned a domestic incident, so TPD also responded for a report. The subject was transported to Samaritan Hospital by TFD. The other individual involved in the domestic violence incident was provided with information about domestic violence. The individual declined to press charges. A medical report was filed for the medical incident, an incident report was filed for the domestic violence incident, and a grounds for disciplinary action report was also filed. DOSO was notified about the incidents.

Sunday, June 21

Ricketts Building

Chemical Incident: A fire alarm was received. Upon arrival, DPS officers discovered an injured subject outside the building, who stated that two chemicals, ammonium perchlorate and aluminum nanoparticles, that were being mixed together exploded in the subject’s face. TFD responded to the scene. DPS left a message for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. The patient was transported to Samaritan Hospital by TFD. DOSO was notified. DPS put a “do not enter” sign on the door to the room and taped the area off.

Wednesday, July 8

Jonsson Engineering Center

Gas Leak: An odor of gasoline was coming from a room in the building. The reporting person was unable to locate the source or the cause. TFD responded and Rensselaer County was notified. National Grid responded as well, but by then, the odor had dissipated. No gas was located at the location. A fire report was completed.