Make memories that last a lifetime now You are an undergrad once

My Sundays are always shot. But I guess that’s because I planned it out that way. Amongst fraternity business in the morning, Poly business meeting in the afternoon, and more fraternal obligations during the evening, I don’t have any me time. But that can wait for after college.

No one really talks about what happens after you graduate. How most, if they have a job, go through the motions every day. Wake up at 7 am, go to work at 8 or 9 am, then leave at 5 pm. After work, when they get home, they quickly have dinner and then just want to relax until they go to bed at 10 pm. Work is fatiguing. College is the only time that this rigidity and enervation does not exist. I’m not exhausted by the time it hits 5 pm. From when I wake up at 10 am until at least 2 am every day, I’m up at classes, in meetings, doing homework, eating with friends, and exercising. And like an old man, I may complain that my back hurts, but getting out there, making sure that all my responsibilities are said and done, is my first priority.

You only college once. Sounds silly, but think about it for a second. Save those that are going to graduate school (godspeed to y’all), none of you are going to be experiencing college life again. It’ll be hard to involve yourself in as many organizations. It’ll be hard to establish those wide social connections that we have at school. We have over 110 student clubs and groups and almost 40 greek chapters. Once we graduate, wherever we all go, this centralized type of organization disappears. There won’t be some kind of student union that consolidates these distinct clubs and organizations; we will have to search for that ourselves and let me tell you straight up, it’s difficult and it sucks. Even if we do find those groups that we seek outside college, we may not find that same fulfillment that we do at RPI.

So I admonish you, to take advantage of your time here. Don’t sit alone in your room playing video games. At least leave your door open or get outside and find others that also love the game and play with them. Don’t say “I have too much work;” that’s a load of platypus pickles. When I have an assignment or project I always say that, but in actuality, I procrastinate. Bad. And I know that I’m not alone. But if I have an obligation night that cuts into that working time, I become efficient. I stop browsing Facebook and Reddit because I have a sense of urgency. “Chris, stop procrastinating, or you won’t sleep tonight.” That’s what gets me. Lastly, don’t be like high school me and say I’m too tired; I don’t remember all my dreams anyways. But I do remember that one time I got out of my room and played some pick up basketball. I’ll always cherish that clutch fade-away-three I made against some guy that was four inches taller than me.

Make your college days memorable and interesting. No one’s ever going to look back and brag about how much sleep they got or how many video games they beat. People will, however, talk about how they went to the Passion Pit and Matt and Kim concert, or stayed up late at Relay for Life. Remember, you only college once.