New type of coffee for Father’s

A STARBUCKS REPRESENTATIVE DISCUSSES the benefits of Seattle’s Best Coffee.

The Rensselaer Union Executive Board had its first meeting on Tuesday, February 3. On the agenda was a coffee tasting by Sodexo and a budgeting discussion.

The meeting started with a coffee tasting by Sodexo. Sodexo informed the E-Board of Green Mountain Coffee’s decision to no longer be part of the campus, leaving Sodexo to find another supplier for coffee. To replace Green Mountain in the library, Starbucks took over with drip and espresso options. There will soon be a frappuccino option. For Father’s Marketplace, however, Starbucks will still remain for espresso drinks. The drip coffee will be provided by another supplier, Seattle’s Best Coffee, a subsidiary of Starbucks. Seattle’s Best has both Fair Trade and organic options. President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15, asked the Seattle’s Best representative about the seasonal coffees. To answer, the representative stated that Seattle’s Best only has three flavors: hazelnut, vanilla, and cinnamon. As a follow up question, Amarello ’15 asked why Sodexo chose Seattle’s Best Coffee and not Starbucks. Marle Wagner, retail director, said that Father’s is a convenience store, so faculty and staff visit it for coffee as well as the students. As a result, he felt that the faculty and staff of RPI would prefer Seattle’s Best Coffee over Starbucks. In addition, he added, the library has Starbucks options available. The price for the Seattle’s Best Coffee will remain the same as the Green Mountain coffee that is currently available in Father’s. Shoshana Rubinstein ’15 was concerned about the student’s liking the coffee, as this is a student union. No decision was made by the Union E-Board.

The meeting was followed by a budgeting discussion, which was a quick recap on what was discussed at the E-Board appeal meeting. Reports from the Director and President of the Union concluded the meeting.