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Seven-year AD says goodbye

The resignation of Rensselaer’s director of athletics Jim Knowlton, effective March 1, was announced on Tuesday, January 6. Dr. Lee A. McElroy, Jr., former vice president and director of athletics at the University of Albany, has been appointed interim director of athletics. Read more...

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Staff Editorial:

The Poly’s new layout

As the new year begins, The Poly has implemented an overhaul of our basic layout for the first time in over 20 years. The new layout isn’t just a change of our masthead, but also involves a restructuring of our paper and an improvement to the visual aesthetics. Most articles will now include a “kicker”— a word or two that describes the category the story fits in. Headline fonts have been changed and overhauled, to provide better visual separation between each story, and the first line of each article is in small caps, for added visual flair. Read more...

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Film Review

Selma marches to theaters; stuns

Perhaps one of the most unique, yet historically accurate viewing experiences of the past decade, Selma lives up to its Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations with fantastic plot points, acting, and screenplay. The movie covers the events and story of Martin Luther King Jr. and his inner circle during the 1965 voting rights marches from Selma to Montgomery. The audience is given an inside look at what it means to lead the movement for civil rights and what King went through emotionally, mentally, and physically. Much screentime is spent on the marches, but the film is more of a study on the psyche of Martin Luther King, Jr. than a documentary, something I particularly enjoyed. The acting in this film is certainly one of its strong points. Outstanding performances by David Oyelowo as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and several members of his inner circle help to bring the struggle of the civil rights movement to life. The screenplay in Selma is also exceptional as the dialogue between the characters truly displays their desire for a fair vote. The emotion and ambition is clearly evident. Every word seemed to add more to either the characters or the story. Read more...

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Men's Hockey

RPI suffers painful loss in Mayor’s Cup

For third annual edition of the exhibition matchup, Engineers collapse in third period.

RPI Men’s Hockey suffered a crushing 3-8 loss at the hands of the Union College Dutchmen on Saturday, January 24 during the annual Mayor’s Cup. While the struggling Dutchmen came into the game with a three-game losing streak, the Engineers entered the game with a three-game winning streak and two wins against Union this season under their belt. Despite a final score that suggests the contest was completely one-sided, the score remained close until the last period of the game, with the Engineers entering the third period up 3-2. Read more...

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School Policy

Academic calendar revised for new year

Prior to the start of the Spring 2015 semester, Rensselaer released the academic calendar through the end of the Fall 2015 semester, which featured several deviations from the former calendar format. This semester, classes will end around a week later than in comparison with previous semesters, along with a push back in the commencement date. For the fall semester, classes will begin on August 31, one week later than the previously expected start date. However, this is still a week before Labor Day, which occurs on September 7, also later than usual. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Planning semester projects

Determining future direction of The Poly

The Poly, as a student organization, not a publication, is always changing and evolving. This semester, we, the current iteration of the Poly Staff, will look to also bring a dramatic change to the publication itself. The brand new layout style, which you have hopefully experienced by now from reading this very issue, is the first important step in this change, and you can read more about the reasons and goals for this in the staff editorial to the left. However, improving a publication take more than changing aesthetics; this semester, our staff is also undertaking a project to add more detailed written content to our pages that goes beyond reporting on current events. Read more...

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Club Highlight

New creative writing club welcomed; encourages interested students to join

There has been a noticeable lack of creative outlets on campus, which makes sense given RPI’s concentration primarily on science, engineering, and math fields. Creative thinking has been shown to sharpen problem solving skills as well as heighten ingenuity, an effect which is vital to students of RPI. Most problems in science and engineering today call for novel ways to approach seemingly intractable problems. We all need creative outlets. Read more...

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Patriots to take on reigning Seahawks

This year’s Super Bowl will feature the top seeds from each conference of the National Football League: the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Each team struggled early in the season, and few analysts felt that either was primed to make a deep push into the playoffs. However, both have rebounded. Seattle, led by the unwaveringly optimistic quarterback Russell Wilson, and a defense that held five of its last six regular season opponents to less than 10 points, has won eight games in a row to defend last season’s Super Bowl title. Ironically, the last repeat Super Bowl champions was the Bill Belichick- and Tom Brady-led New England Patriots of 2003 and 2004, the same team Seattle hopes to defeat this Sunday. As for New England, the Patriots started the season 2-2, sustaining a 41-14 blowout loss at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. Since then, the Patriots have won 12 out of their last 14 games (and one of those came in an unimportant week 17 matchup against the Bills), and have benefited from a healthy Rob Gronkowski at tight end and the key mid-season acquisition of powerful running back LaGarrette Blount. Read more...

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Student Life

RPI appoints new class dean

Before coming to Rensselaer, Dingman worked with the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities, where she focused on conducting workshops around New York whose goal was to promote awareness of college admissions and financial aid in low socioeconomic communities. She also organized state-wide workshops on college admissions, financial aid, college success, the transition to college, and succeeding in college. Dingman also has experience at Siena College in Loudonville in the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program and at the Office of Residence Life at Bard College in Annadale-on-Hudson. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

One Christmas dinner

Editor shares holiday experience

A warm, comforting smell slips through my bedroom door. I freeze for a second as I let the aroma fill my room. Savory, garlicky tones playfully nip my nose as I discover hints of sweet onion, fresh leafy greens, and a slightly salty, heavy scent that is distinctly bovine. I get up from my desk chair and like a cartoon character, float down the stairs to the dining room. “Dinner’s ready!” my mom yells out. My brother hops down the stairs as my dad saunters leisurely to his seat. I glance at the table and see it lined with plates, Tupperware, and bowls filled with noodles, an assortment of vegetables, a sea of seafood, and thinly sliced rib eye beef. In the middle sits a large, heated stainless steel hot pot, the tantalizing source of my hunger. The anticipation kills me as I ache to stand up and dump just about every single delectable piece on the table into the pot. But patience grabs a hold of me and stops me in my proverbial tracks. Composed, I look outside and reveal a faint smile. It’s a white Christmas dinner. Read more...

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Women's Hockey

Engineers defeat rival Union

Last Saturday, Rensselaer Women’s Ice Hockey hosted Capital Region rival Union College for an Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference showdown. The previous night, a 2-2 stalemate formed after a goal from sophomore forward Laura Horwood midway through the third period. The game ended with the stalemate unresolved. Read more...

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Rensselaer Union

Union revamping website

On Monday, February 2, the Rensselaer Union will be releasing their newly designed website. With the upcoming 125th anniversary of the founding of the Rensselaer Union, a new website was put into the works to be released in time for the anniversary. Website development started on April 1, 2014 and is led by Jordan Simonds ’15 with assistance from Conrad Mossl ’17. The new website was under the supervision of President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15. Read more...

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Top Hat

Committee updates Union Constitution

Student Senate continues last semester’s projects

Welcome back to Rensselaer! After a long, six-week vacation, we have at last returned to campus for the start of our second semester. I hope that everyone has enjoyed their break: After the first two weeks I already found myself itching to return to my home here at RPI. Following a break filled to the brim with job applications and a warm trip to the southwest, I, for one feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to return to work. Read more...

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E-Board reviews club budget proposals

Institute, Union create budgets for upcoming fiscal year

Welcome back! After a month long break, I am sure everyone was ready to come back to campus to see all of your classmates, even if you’re not ready to begin classes. As many of you were relishing in your last days of freedom, the Executive Board returned to campus a few days early to work on the club budgets submitted for the 2016 fiscal year. The Executive Board and the Student Activities Resource People met this past weekend to go over each budget line-by-line to approve club programs and funding for the upcoming year. While budgeting is a time consuming process, it is amazing to see all of the our clubs’ future plans and to reflect on their accomplishments in the past fiscal year. Our Union is completely student run, and we are one of the few student unions in the nation that operates this way. This makes me proud. We have accomplished so much together in the past year, and budgeting is always a great way to remind us of the exciting things we have to look forward to in the year to come. Read more...

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Letter to the Editor:

I cannot think of anything more fun and rewarding than to create something. It was not there before, but now it does exist because of someone’s initiative. Somebody was willing to turn an idea into an innovative reality.entrepreneurship is the act to undertake and transform innovation. Let’s call entrepreneurship E and let’s talk… Read more...

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Elections Notice:

The Poly will be holding special elections on Sunday, February 8
at 4 pm in Phalanx.

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