New club food policy announced; S&W budget approved

MICHAEL DAME ’16 (RIGHT), STANDS in front of the Executive Board proposing a new budget to print Statler & Waldorf.

President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15 met with two clubs, Statler & Waldorf and Humans vs. Zombies, then reviewed the new club management system, followed by an update on the food policy discussion from previous weeks.

Statler & Waldorf opened the meeting with the Rensselaer Union Executive Board. S&W, a satirical magazine, has previously printed up to six times per semester. Printing six times a semester used to cost approximately $30,000. Currently, S&W is looking to publish one issue this semester. At the beginning of the year, they held a Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond event. In two hours, they had outlined, written, and published two full length humor articles. Membership is now at 11 people. S&W came to the E-Board to ask for funding for either a black and white or full color issue. S&W estimated that it would cost $2,000 to print 1,000 issues. In a 10-0-0 motion, the E-Board approved funds for S&W to print 500 full color copies pending on the stipulation that they will update Amarello on the final price.

Next to meet with the E-Board was Humans vs. Zombies. HvZ is an elaborate game of tag; there are human players, with socks and dart blasters, and zombies, who tag human players and turn them into zombies. HvZ is looking to receive financial support from the Rensselaer Union. Currently, officers are paying for everything from their personal funds. While they do have a few fundraisers to offset costs, HvZ still needs finances. With over 40 people participating in games, not everyone has the equipment needed. HvZ would purchase blasters and store them in the Union. Members of HvZ could borrow from the club and return them after the game. In a 10-0-0 motion, the E-Board approved HvZ as a Union—funded organization with $125 starter budget. Shoshana Rubinstein ’16 will be their E-Board representative.

The E-Board welcomed Pranav Sathyanarayanan ’17 next. He presented an update on the club management system, which will eventually replace the old one. He gave a quick tour of the website and asked for the E-Board to give any feedback on what they would like to see on the new site. The E-Board will receive training later on how to use the new site.

Finally, an update on the ongoing club food budget discussion was given. Little progress was reported. The E-Board proposed that clubs will receive food appropriations if they are working longer than five hours on a product that benefits the Renssealer community. They will receive $3 per person who attends the event. E-Board approval would be needed for a food budget. No motion was passed on the matter. Details of the food policy are still being determined. The meeting concluded shortly thereafter.