Staff Editorial: Take advantage of RPI’s cornucopia of opportunities

College is a time for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. The Poly encourages students to make the most of their college experience by getting involved in campus life. However, this advice does not only apply to freshmen. Most returning students probably have activities they enjoy and plan on participating in again this school year, but the start of a new school year is a great opportunity to branch out and try something different.

RPI has a large number of activities to get involved in such as clubs, student research, Student Government, publications and athletic groups varying in skill level and time commitment. When deciding what student groups to join, try to diversify your extracurricular activities. Not only will participating in a wide range of activities help you become a well-rounded person, but you will also meet different groups of people.

Another way to get involved is by going Greek. With 28 social fraternities, five sororities, and a co-ed service fraternity, there are plenty of ways to get involved in Greek life. For many people, the best friends they make during their college experience are their fraternity brothers or sisters. Greek life provides a good mixture of activities such as interfraternity athletics, social events, and charity events. It also creates many opportunities to gain leadership experience through in-house positions or council positions. Even if you don’t think you’re interested in Greek life, pick up some rush calendars. The events are free, fun, and a great way to meet people.

Choose some activities that will help you in the future by developing leadership skills, networking with other students and alumni, or padding your resume. These activities or groups may include honor societies, networking groups like Red & White, or student research. Having fun in college may be important but for most students the goal of college is to get a job.

Finally, support your fellow students in their activities. Watch performances at the Playhouse, cheer on the hockey team in the Houston Field House, read student publications, or participate in a charity event. RPI’s student groups work hard throughout the year. Show your school spirit and support your peers!