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DotCIO releases laptop details

On Thursday, June 19, the Rensselaer Division of the Chief Information Officer released details on the Mobile Computing Program for the 2014–2015 academic year. The annual program includes a laptop, various accessories, software, warranties, and technical support. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Reflections on campus activities

Hello to the entire Rensselaer community! A very special greeting and welcome to all incoming first-year students, whether RPI is your very first college or your fifth. Read more...

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Hill and Tatum move across the street

21 Jump Street sequel spins different perspective on the crime-fighting duo in college

Hot off the heels of great acclaim for The Lego Movie and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller deliver the sequel to their equally well-received 21 Jump Street. Before even getting to the movie, I can say that you do not have to watch the first film to enjoy this one. Lord and Miller worked hard to separate this film from its predecessor. This film is completely different, and people I saw the movie with who hadn’t seen the first didn’t feel like they were missing any information in order to enjoy the film. With that said, I would recommend watching the first just because it would be difficult to enjoy as much as this film, just because it is such a better movie. Read more...

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PSS: so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

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Staff Editorial: Welcome Class of 2018

The Poly staff welcomes the Class of 2018 to Rensselaer! This will be your home for the next few years, and we can’t wait to meet you. Hearing “2018” makes us feel so old, though—we came to RPI in 2013, 2012, 2011, or even before! Read more...

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Payday 2 gets a payday in the summer sale

Co-op shooter provides fufilling team-based experience, endless hours of enjoyment

I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to rob a bank. Once or twice, I’ve daydreamed about cracking bank safes, my criminal crew at my six, bags full of precious gold bars shining on my face. I feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as we sprint to the escape van. The dream culminates in that crisp comfort that only swimming in Benjamins offers. That doesn’t make me psychotic or clinically insane, does it? Either way, after this year’s Steam Summer Sale, I picked up Payday 2, a game where I can rob banks with friends. Read more...

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New dean of engineering announced

As the summer progresses here at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, not much has changed. However, the School of Engineering has named a new dean, Shekhar Garde. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Challenging the feminist movement

I do not support the current feminist movement. Now, before getting your panties in twist and calling for my head, let me explain. I support equality and that’s what feminism used to be about: social, economic, and political equality. However, feminism has veered off in an entirely different direction, and I cannot support it. Read more...

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Prison problems provide powerful plot

Netflix has really stepped up their game with their original content. Personally, Orange is the New Black is hands down my favorite show of theirs, and possibly one of my favorite series of all time. Even though there have only been two seasons, I am completely hooked on OITNB! I finally caught on to the show during Winter Break last year, and couldn’t wait until the new season. The second season was released on June 6, which has lead to many sessions of binge watch-ing (although I am trying to make the season last until next year) and I have to say that this sea-son is even better than the first. Read more...

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Rensselaer alumni speak at Troy 100 Forum

Troy community development forum also features former RPI vice president Coblentz

On Monday, May 12, the Troy 100 Forum was held in the Heffner Alumni House. Keynote speakers included former Rensselaer Chief of Staff and Associate Vice President for Policy and Planning Laban Coblentz, James Peterson ’12, Colleen Costello ’12, and Columbia Development Companies’ Thomas Keaney. The forum focused on ideas for improving Troy. Read more...

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Top Hat

GM encourages freshmen to get involved

Hello everyone! Summer is at its peak, and for many of us, our research, internships, and summer courses are at full swing. As the return to Rensselaer approaches, I’d like to extend a heartfelt welcome not only to our returning students, but to the incoming first years of the Class of 2018 as well! You are about to embark on a new chapter in your life, an experience that will allow you to grow as a student, a professional, and a leader; a journey that will connect you with lifelong friends along the way. Read more...

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Jersey Boys performance hits the right note

For anyone who is a fan of the Broadway production Jersey Boys, the movie will not disappoint. The movie, like the Broadway production, follows the life of Frankie Valli from barber’s apprentice to the voice of the Four Seasons. Being a big fan of the Four Seasons myself, I will say that I was very impressed and thought the movie was phenomenal and did justice to the Four Seasons story. Read more...

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Incident blotter: Cleaner trips fire alarm, suspicious two-liter at ECAV

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Tuesday, May 6

• Parking

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PU pushes campus activities

Hi, RPI! Whether you are still on campus just hanging out, busy with summer classes, research, an internship, or a job, I hope that your first month has been enjoyable but productive.I hope that you have made time for yourself to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you are looking for things to do, the Rensselaer Union is holding many exciting events this summer, including movie nights put on by UPAC, the cheesecake festival/beach party, a bowling party at Uncle Sam’s, and other fun activities! Feel free to stop by the Rensselaer Union Administration Office for more details on programs or with program ideas for the future. Read more...

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Green revolving funds provide renewable money

Common proposal solidifies long-term budget goals for future sustainabilities projects

The Student Sustainability Task Force is a student-led club at RPI whose goal is to collaborate with other clubs, faculty, and administrators to increase sustainability efforts on campus. SSTF has worked on many projects in the past few years, from trying to get a campus greenhouse to compiling data on how sustainable RPI currently is today. Under new leadership, the club has grown significantly over the past semester, in both the number of members and the number of projects. SSTF allows new members to join in on currently established projects or gain support and aid in the formation of new projects. One of the newest projects to come to SSTF is called the Green Revolving Fund Project. Read more...

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Directors’ Corner

A.D. promotes athletics

Welcome to Rensselaer! We are all thrilled to start the new year, and as the director of athletics, I want to highlight some of the excitement we hope you will participate in during the year. Read more...

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