Incident blotter: Drunk ΠΛΥ pledge, pileup in Freshman Circle

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Christopher Meloni

Tuesday, April 1

• Freshman Circle

Accident: Seven-car pileup in freshman circle. DPS, TPD on scene. 12 students injured and transported to Samaritan by RPIA. DOSO notified.

• ’87 Gym

Spectral presence: Caller reported seeing “weird, white smoky things” while at gym. Caller seemed scared. DPS visited scene, found no evidence. Student had panic attack and was taken to Samaritan by RPIA. DOSO notified.

• Rensselaer Union

Domestic violence: Caller reported hearing yelling in Rensselaer Union office. Door was closed. Student was yelling at significant other and accusing significant other of saying words first student hated. Students referred to Counseling Center for mediation.

• East Campus Athletic Village

Possible UFO sighting: Caller reported seeing flying white discs over ECAV stadium previous night. DPS patrol found nothing. DOSO, TPD, and American Society of UFO Sightings notified.

• West Hall

Public intoxication: Caller reported student climbing chairs in West Hall. DPS investigated, found out that an underage pledge of Pi Lambda Upsilon was extremely intoxicated. TPD notified, made arrest. Pledge transported to Samaritan by TPD. DOSO notified.

• Rensselaer Union

Hostage situation: Caller reported fistfight in Union, third floor. DPS on-scene. Hostage situation occured. TPD called in. FBI also alerted and on call. GM and PU escorted out of building by TPD. Fistfight and hostage situation occurred due to argument over which branch of Student Government controls the “weather machine”.

• Commons Dining Hall

Drug use: DPS received a call from a student claiming they had discovered the carbon blueprint of life and the ability to increase life expectancy to 200 years. Upon further questioning, it was discovered that the student had taken LSD. Student was on Commons Dining Hall roof wearing no clothing. Contraband was confiscated and student was transported to Samaritan.