Incident blotter: Roof work sets off ECAV fire alarm, roommate leaves United States

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Tuesday, January 28

• Hall Hall

Petite Larceny: Caller reports their personal property stolen from their room over Christmas break. Report completed.

Wednesday, January 29

• Mueller Center

Petite Larceny: Caller reports wallet stolen from unsecured locker at the Mueller Center.

• East Campus Athletic Village

Fire Alarm: Caller indicates a fire alarm in the practice gym. Work being done on the roof in the area caused the alarm to activate. System reset back online as per TFD.

• Materials Research Center

Missing Person: Caller reports a missing graduate student. Received a call from the student’s former roommate who stated that student received an email that stated the student was going far away. A text was later received by former roommate stating that everything was fine but unable to determine whereabouts. Caller advised to contact TPD Report Filed. Update (January 30): Missing student left the United States on a flight on January 28.

• Public Safety Office

Illness: 19-year-old patient was lightheaded and having trouble walking. Patient is conscious, alert and breathing. Transported to Samaritan Hospital via RPIA. DOSO on-call dean notified.

Thursday, January 30

• Houston Field House

Petite Larceny: Caller requested a stolen property report. Caller reports wrist watch stolen from locker.

• Mueller Center

Petite Larceny: Caller reports wallet stolen from the Muller Center.

• Bryckwyck Apartments

Illness: 20-year-old student vomiting and chest pains. Patient transported to Samaritan Hospital by RPIA. DOSO notified.