Staff Editorial: Financial issues force Poly to biweekly schedule, seeks reader support

Welcome back to RPI! For those of you who don’t know, in the past, The Poly has been self-funded, with the entirety of our revenue coming from our advertisement sales and no funding coming from the Rensselaer Student Activity Fee. This is something that we have always been proud of; it allows us to maintain financial independence, journalistic integrity, and helps keep student fees down. However, over the past decade, print advertising revenue has fallen over 60 percent industry-wide. The Poly has not been immune to these changes. Last year, through a combination of the troubles facing all print media and mistakes on our part The Poly did not make enough money via advertisements to cover the cost of publication. The Rensselaer Union graciously covered the debt we owed our printing company, something for which the staff of The Poly is very thankful.

As a result, several changes will be made to The Poly this year. What follows is a summary of the ones that are relevant to you, the reader. Let it be made clear: The Poly intends to repay the Union the full amount of our debt. We have never cost the students money before and we intend to repay every cent.

For the first semester this year, The Poly will be publishing biweekly, which will allow us to keep our costs down while still generating enough revenue for operations and repayment to students and the Union. On the weeks that we do not publish, we will post content online at our website, This plays a part in The Poly’s efforts to continually modernize and establish a greater presence online. Last year, we reestablished our website, but there is still plenty of work to be done. Additionally, The Poly will be seeking out local businesses for advertisements in an effort to better serve the Troy community and deliver more relevant ads to our readership.

Remember, The Poly is your paper! Suggestions are always welcomed by the staff, so feel free to contact us at, through our website, or stop by our office in Union Room 3418. You can often find us working on the paper there, especially every Tuesday night. We value any and all constructive criticism and we encourage you to come in and take a hand in making this 128 year old tradition better.