Jose Malone’s proves interesting combination of Irish, Mexican influences, poor overall dining experience

Earlier this summer, I went with one of my roommates and some of his family to Jose Malone’s, a self-declared Mexican-Irish restaurant on 2nd Street, near Brown’s Brewing Company. From what I could tell from the menu, “Mexican-Irish” seems to mean Mexican with Irish influences for most of the dishes.

The food at Jose Malone’s is generally quite nice, albeit sometimes containing some strange ideas behind it. One member of my group got a bacon, lettuce, and tomato quesadilla, which was, at the very least, an interesting combination. Another got Bangers and Mash, possibly the only predominantly Irish dish on the menu, and she thought it was very good. My roommate got an enchilada dinner, which I didn’t recognize any Irish influence in, but it was certainly served well. I got catfish tacos. I’m not sure exactly why the tacos had as much liquid as they did, but I think it was due to the fish being slightly undercooked. The flavors still combined quite well.

In terms of the service and ambience at Jose Malone’s, I felt the place could use some improvement. Our drinks were filled to the very edges of the glasses, which made it difficult to not spill. The lighting also left something to be desired. It was quite difficult to read the menu because of the dimness of the low light.

I have gone to Jose Malone’s once previously, during my freshman year. The main food I remember was a tomato bisque that was absolutely delicious and just the right texture. Over the three years since then, the restaurant seems to have changed a little for the worse, between the insanely dim lights and the large crowds of people that are sometimes present. I was lucky enough to go at a relatively quiet time both of my visits, but I’ve heard there can be up to two hour waits when they are busy. After three years, the food, as a whole, is about the same. It’s probably the best Mexican food in the area, which isn’t saying much when your only competition is Moe’s.

While I definitely didn’t have a bad time at Jose Malone’s, my feelings are mixed. I certainly don’t think it’s worth a long wait, though they definitely serve quality food. If I really get a craving for Mexican food, I might return. If you think Moe’s is the best Mexican food in the area, as a couple people have told me, I would definitely suggest trying out the strangely-cultured Jose Malone’s.