Staff Editorial: Poly Person of the Year salutes outstanding RPI citizens

Each year, The Poly names a member of the RPI community as the Poly Person of the Year. We look for someone who strives to implement positive change in the community, both around campus and in Troy, someone who gives back of their time and energy. Examples of recent Persons of the Year are Anasha Cummings ’12 and men’s hockey coach Seth Appert. Though the final decision on who is named as the Person of the Year is up to the Poly staff, we encourage everyone to send in nominations to until Friday, May 3. Is there someone you think is deserving of being named Poly Person of the Year? Let us know!

In 2011, The Poly chose Appert as its Person of the Year. Not only has he transformed a struggling team into a force to be reckoned with during his tenure as head coach, he has also endeavored to increase the team’s impact off the ice. His policy has been to recruit with an eye toward character as well as talent. For the first half of the 2011 season, the team’s average GPA was an impressive 3.48, and many team members were involved in community service efforts, such as the Children’s Hospital Albany Medical Center Radiothon.

Cummings was the Poly Person of the Year for 2012. He was chosen for his many efforts around campus and in Troy to bring the communities closer together and his involvement in many sustainability initiatives. Cummings was instrumental in the founding of the RPI Farmers’ Market, was president of EcoLogic, and was chair of the Student Sustainability Task Force. He campaigned to get RPI students to register to vote in Troy and be involved in deciding issues that affect all of us. In short, Cummings exemplified what we look for in our Person of the Year nomination.

People like Appert and Cummings are an example and inspiration to us all. Their involvement in the RPI community, in Troy, and in the surrounding area has helped to build a better Institute and better relations. This year, we will name another Poly Person of the Year—one who has had a similar impact to these two. If you know someone who you think deserves this honor, nominate him or her! Send a short blurb to Look for the 2013 Person of the Year in next week’s issue!