Student Life Column

Student Life provides safety tips

Dear Students,

In light of recent incidents, we want to share with you some safety related tips in an effort to keep you safe while on and off campus.

While walking on and off campus:

• Try to avoid walking alone. (Safety in numbers!)

• Walk in well lit areas—sidewalks with street lights, campus walkways with lights. Avoid dark areas or areas of heavy shrubbery/foliage.

• Be aware of your surroundings, always look around you; if using a cell phone, be alert to sounds (Don’t walk with headphones, they prevent you from hearing sounds around you).

• Make sure the property that you’re carrying (handbags, backpacks, book bags, etc) is secure to you; not hanging off one shoulder. These should be zippered, or locked if applicable. Also, if you set these down, always keep it in front of you, and maintain contact as much as possible. This may eliminate a “quick grab.”

• When approaching your parked vehicle, have your keys in your hand; don’t waste idle time to get them out. Also, if you’re approached while in or around your vehicle, operate the “panic button” to draw attention.

• Use campus shuttles whenever possible. If using public transportation, such as CDTA buses, plan ahead, allowing sufficient time to reach your bus stop and destination. (Most bus shelters are lit and have schedules posted).

• Always look for an out, a place of safety, a way to remove yourself.

• Have phone numbers of emergency contacts (In Case of Emergency, or ICE) in your cell phone. Also have any other emergency contact info, such as a doctor, etc should you need it. (This includes Public Safety, 518-276-6611, programmed into your phone).

• Remember Public Safety provides “safety” escorts, usually in the form of a ride to get you safely to a destination in or around campus.

Editor’s Note: “Student Life” is a column granted to the Department of Student Life by The Poly’s editorial board.