Farmers Market returns to Rensselaer Union

Spring season brings Farmers Market back to Union lobby, featuring several sources of local food

It is spring! Sure, the weather is still playing tricks with us, but flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is shining, and plants are starting to grow. Many of us may be getting out to exercise more, and looking for good sources of fresh and healthy food. Unfortunately, with our busy schedules, it is often hard to find time to make quality a priority.

Since its inception, the goal of the RPI Farmers Market has been to provide healthy, local food to the RPI community at the best value, and educate the community about such food. It has gone through ups and downs over the past two years, but every week a great group of vendors has been coming to provide access to fresh food to the RPI community, something which is sorely needed. 

Downtown Troy, especially since the closing of the Food Co-op, is a food desert, but Farmers Markets give easy access right where we work, study, and play.

For faculty, staff, and students who make their own food, fresh produce is now just a quick stop by the Rensselaer Union between 11 am and 3 pm on a Thursday, and you can even pick up some other treats while you are at it. Here is a sampling of what you will find if you drop by the market.

DeFazio’s Pizza: Common winner of the “Best Pizza in Troy” award, DeFazio’s makes incredible, traditional italian pastas, sauces, and more. Every week, they have freshly baked Stromboli which can easily feed two for lunch.

Worldlings Pleasure: Based out of Watervliet, Worldlings Pleasure makes a rich variety of cookies, cakes, cheeses, dips, and more out of local ingredients.

Ryan’s Farmers Market: New to the Farmers Market this year, Ryan’s Farmers Market, which has been operating in the capital region for more than 93 years, has been bringing a wide variety of local specialty items, produce, etc. Since it is part of a larger operation and has connections with a lot of farmers in the region, it is usually also willing to get whatever you need for you given a bit of notice. Last week, I got several much needed fruits and vegetables from there at very competitive prices.

In order to continue this level of service to the RPI community (and grow it as we move forward), we need you to help spread the word. As of yet, most faculty, staff, and students, while perhaps appreciating the market when they drop by, have not made it part of their weekly routine. Please come check out the market this (and every) Thursday any time between 11 am and 3 pm right outside the Union (or inside in case of weather). I know I have greatly enjoyed the access to delicious, local, and affordable food which the Farmers Market provides and I hope you will too.

You can always check out or like the Facebook page to stay updated on the market and e-mail with any questions or to help out.