Get to know new Director of Union Cassidy

This week I’d like to showcase a new member of the Union’s team, Managing Director of the Rensselaer Union Joe Cassidy. Cassidy has been working at his new job for a little over two weeks, and I took the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss what drew him to Rensselaer, how he’s been adjusting the job, and his plans for the future. The first thing I’d like to review before I go into details is what the director of the Union is actually responsible for.

The title of managing director is particularly significant because his job is to manage the students’ direction of the Union, not direct the Union personally. To directly quote the Union Constitution, “Director duties shall include the administration of Union activities and monies in accordance with the policies of the Rensselaer Board of Trustees, the Union Constitution, its by-laws, and further legislation of the Executive Board.” In terms of direct interaction with clubs, the director would act as a mentor and advisor, working with clubs and student leaders on a daily basis. He has many responsibilities besides working with student clubs; most of these duties include overseeing appropriate use of Union facilities, developing marketing plans, promoting student life, and serving as a liaison between the Rensselaer Union and the Institute.

Cassidy is doing a great job adjusting to the position, and all students that have had the opportunity to work with him have great things to say about his enthusiasm and dedication. In terms of how Cassidy views his first couple of weeks, he calls them very positive. He speaks of efforts to get acquainted with staff throughout the Union and the Institute during his first few weeks, and says that each person he meets with is impressed with the organization of the Union and the level of student commitment and management. He is also a great addition to the Union Executive Board meetings, providing great prospective and guidance. In terms of future plans, Cassidy speaks of looking into issues that students have expressed interest in, such as the funding structure for athletics and the renovation of the Rensselaer Bookstore. There are so many great opportunities to improve the Union, and Cassidy brings great passion and prospective to the table.

When asked what drew him to the director position, Cassidy comments of how interested he was in the Union’s unique management model and how he was—and is—constantly impressed with how bright, driven, and highly involved students across campus are. He remarks that the director position gives him the opportunity to act as an educator outside the classroom, helping Rensselaer students face real-world issues and develop life and leadership skills. Involvement in the management of the Union and the great variety of clubs and organizations associated with it will make Rensselaer students better prepared for life beyond college, and put them in better positions to move into leadership positions in their careers.

Cassidy is such a fantastic addition to the Union’s team, and if you ever have time, stop by his office and take an opportunity to get to know him. He loves speaking to students, and if you ever have any questions you can e-mail him at If you have any inquiries about the Union or the Executive Board, feel free to contact me at I hope everyone enjoys their week.