Union social life targeted this year

Welcome back after a (way too) short break. I hope all of you took advantage of your time away from RPI, whether it was used to relax, ski, make some money, or spend some money. If you had a holiday season like mine, I’m sure you’re both reluctant to be back and glad at the same time. The spring semester always seems to go much faster than its fall partner. So, in the final four months or so that I am PU, I have a tight schedule to keep. There is much I want to accomplish before April.

First, I am going to make life on campus better for students. I am forming a committee to “decorate” the Union to keep it from looking like a “hospital cafeteria,” as some have suggested it does. It is going to be the place on campus that looks like someplace you want to hang out. Any good ideas … send them my way.

Helping all forms of athletics on campus, from club to varsity to intramural, to get the help they need to perform up to par is on my list as well. This can be in the form of financial help, staffing help, and facilities. You name it, I am gunning for it. As for other co-curricular activities, I want to get as many things going as I can to make life more enjoyable. I am pushing new clubs through the constitution committee as fast as the officers of that club can work. One is very near ready to receive funding now, so be looking for a large aquarium in the Union soon.

In my mind, perhaps the most important thing I will accomplish this semester is creating things for students to do on campus. In other words, a social life. How do things such as comedians in the Pub, sexual hypnotists in the McNeil Room, and the best GM Week in years sound? Have ideas of your own? Let me know.

I am also looking to form a committee to schedule all of the social activities centered in the Union to ensure something to do every weekend. Some of these events have already started. Every weekend this semester, there is something to do in the Union, something not normally there. As a result, the Clubhouse Pub on the top floor of the Union is now open on Saturdays from 6 pm to midnight (for those who are 21, of course).

Spring also brings things such as date auctions (good ones), the always rowdy and hilarious Mr. RPI contest, GM Week, and the mother of all good times … Spring Break. If you haven’t started to plan for this great week yet, do so soon. The sooner you plan, the better the deals.

So, strap yourself in, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, and let’s start this semester off right. See you on the beach in March!