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Staff Editorial: Intentions for Greek article

Last week, The Poly released an article on rush policy violations. The piece has received both positive and negative feedback, and we want to make our intentions clear in publishing the article. Within the first week of rush, we received … Continue reading

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Melee: McNeil Room hosts competition

New Super Smash Bros.

THE TOURNAMENT FEATURED Nintendo 3DSes with the newest Smash game, allowing people to play 1v1 battles of the complete game, if they don’t mind it all being in Japanese.

On Saturday, September 13, the RPI Smash Club hosted the Pastimes Legends Final Battle tournament in the McNeil Room of the Rensselaer Union. From as early as 9 am until 10 pm, the common area was transformed into a battle … Continue reading

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Football loses in high-scoring game to Alfred

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute football lost its home opener on a rainy Saturday afternoon, in an out-of-league matchup against the Alfred University Saxons. RPI played in front of an enthusiastic home crowd for their home debut. The Engineers, having won the … Continue reading

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Gerhardt, Smith communicate policy changes

Student Handbook changes to protect victims of hazing; six new Senate projects underway

LESTER GERHARDT ADDRESSES ways to improve communication between the Student and the Faculty Senate.

On Monday, September 15, the Senate had discussions with both Lester Gerhardt and Mark Smith to discuss the changes that they would each like to bring to campus. Even though they had different end goals, the Senate was able to … Continue reading

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Editorial Notebook

Business expectations

For most of my notebooks, I tend to choose a light hearted theme, but this week, I’m so heated about this issue that I need to have it printed in the paper for everyone to read. Let me frame the … Continue reading

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New iPhone leaves much to be desired

APPLE CEO TIM COOK INTRODUCES the iPhone 6 and the Apple Smartwatch at the Flint Center in Cupertino, Calif. Apple hopes to enter into the market of large phones and tech-wear.

The newest iPhone has been a long awaited release. Every year, many people wait on upgrading their phone until they get a chance to see the new iPhone that Apple releases. This September, Apple announced and released their newest iPhone, … Continue reading

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PSS: women’s soccer kicks it

LAST THURSDAY EVENING, RPI WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM FACED Plattsburgh State at East Campus Stadium. The game started as a defensive struggle, in which each team managed only a single shot in the first 20 minutes of action. Then, in the 23rd minute, the Cardinals crossed the ball into the Engineers’ box where Cardinal midfielder Cammey Keyser attempted a header. But just like Plattsburgh’s first attempt, this shot also went wide. Two shots by senior midfielder Sandy Kirk and freshman forward Dali Alarian in the 32nd and 33rd minutes, respectively, forced Cardinal goalie Danielle Schmitt to make two incredible saves. Three more tries by RPI were likewise turned away in the final minutes of the first half, the best coming on a header from junior midfielder Coley Mowder that looked as if it would go in but bounced harmlessly off of the Plattsburgh post.
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Post office considered; RPIgnite receives startup funding

E-Board looks into potential post office replacements, RPI Antislavery does not receive Union funding

President of the Union, Erin Amarello ’15, began this week’s Executive Board meeting by welcoming graduate student Courtney Lang, the new graduate student representative and appointing Andrew Sudano ’17 as the representative for the Juggling Club. Afterwards, the board discussed … Continue reading

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The Facebook generation

Instant gratification and digital everything

The book is dying, radio listenership and participation is down, and stacks of newspapers go untouched. Computer usage has skyrocketed, social networks dominate our time, and we gripe on Reddit. Our computers and our smartphones serve as music stores, jukeboxes, … Continue reading

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PSS: let’s dance

NEW DANCERS TWIRL across the dance floor during RPI Ballroom’s Intro Dance. The event, took place on Friday, September 12, 2014, at 7 pm in the Rensselaer Union’s McNeil Room, and invited new dancers to partake in Ballroom’s lessons. The dances that were taught included the basic waltz and the East Coast Swing. For each dance, a brief demonstration period was provided, followed by instruction, and finally, a practice session with other members of the attendees. The prospective dancers seemed to enjoy themselves, with a mood of cheeriness apparent in the air. The RPI Ballroom club consists of the Ballroom/Latin, Lindy Hop Swing, Argentine Tango, and Ballroom Team groups, and offers lessons and competition options to dancers and prospective dancers of all skill levels. The first week of lessons began on September 15, and continue all semester. A full schedule of lessons can be found on the RPI Ballroom website at
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Athlete of the Week: Jeff Avery

This week’s Athlete of the Week is RPI junior quarterback Jeff Avery. Despite this past week’s loss to Alfred University, Avery exhibited dynamic playmaking ability, throwing for 185 yards and four touchdowns. Two touchdowns of eight and 36 yards went … Continue reading

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Obama announces military action against ISIS

SHIITE MILITIAMEN LOYAL TO RADICAL CLERIC MUQTADA SADR ENTER Amirli, Iraq, on Monday, Sept. 1, 2014, after helping to liberate the town from a nearly three-month siege by Islamic State militants.

On September 10, 2014, a day before the 9/11 anniversary, President Obama announced that the United States will expand current military operations in Iraq to degrade and destroy Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS “is not Islamic,” the president … Continue reading

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Top Hat

The Importance of The Student Handbook

Possible future revisions to good samaritan policy and sexual harassment policy reviewed

This Monday, Dean of Students Mark Smith came to the Student Senate general body meeting to discuss upcoming changes to the Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities, regarding the good samaritan policy as well as sexual assault and sexual harassment … Continue reading

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English-based artist Kode9 drops the beat

EMPAC concert provides exotic adventure into alternative and experimental electronic music

FAMED DUBSTEP ARTIST KODE9 PERFORMED at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center September 9.

When described by the Experimental Media Performing Arts Center as “experimental,” the media showcased at events definitely fits the description. Steve Goodman, better known as Kode9, gave a dubstep performance on Tuesday, September 9 that was no exception. The set, … Continue reading

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RPI researchers seek answers in muscle physiology

Dr. Swank works to uncover the important fundamental details of muscle and the heart

RESEARCHERS ANALYZE a Drosphila to test the fiber’s ability to generate force.

In the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Dr. Douglas Swank is working on uncovering important fundamental details about muscle and the heart. As a part of the Biology Department for nine years, Dr. Swank has been an integral part … Continue reading

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Executive Board adds two new members

Hey RPI! I can’t believe that it is already week four; this year is flying by and it will be winter break before we know it! As the bombardment of projects and the first round of exams begin, I wish … Continue reading

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PSS: sheer candid

ON SEPTEMBER 12, SHEER IDIOCY HELD a show in Mother’s wine emporium from 8–10 pm. Sheer Idiocy is the only improvisational troupe at RPI. One act the group put on was “Royal Expert Rumble.” Two experts on a subject are interviewed by a master of ceremonies. Afterwards, the floor is opened to questions and the two sides take turns answering them. However, one expert is actually played by two members, facing each other, that speak in unison. The other expert is played by three members sitting next to each other that say one word after each other. The topic for this first show of the semester was “eggs.” Another game the group played was “Director’s Cut.” In this game, at least four idiots, along with a director, play out a skit based on a topic. The idiots then play out this topic multiple times, up to the discretion of the director, in different movie genres. This show, the topic was “Quesadilla Torpedoes.” The scene took place in a submarine, with its crew members detecting quesadilla torpedoes on radar. The first theme was regular and the second was romantic comedy. The final and best theme was opera, with the crew singing in deep opera tone and an audience member playing operatic chords on the upright piano in the room. The members in the picture from left to right are Spencer Wiener ’17, David Silverman ’14, Kienan Knight-Boehm ’17, Isabel Johnson ’16, Fiona Kine ’16, Brandon McLear ’15. Sheer Idiocy performs multiple shows over the semester in both Mother’s and EMPAC. For more information, visit their Facebook page at
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Campus impacted by rush policy violations

Greek commons reaffirm zero-tolerance policy for non-dry, unfair recruitment techniques

Greek life has been an integral part of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute community since 1853. Their continued academic, philanthropic, and social contributions make the Greek community a vital component of campus. Many famous RPI alumni are Greek, including the 14th … Continue reading

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Staff Editorial: Note on editorial notebooks

A treasured tradition within The Rensselaer Polytechnic is the editorial notebook. Each week, two editors compose a piece of approximately 500 words which conveys their thoughts and feelings toward a topic of their choice. Editors are free to discuss any … Continue reading

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Lavabit founder talks about privacy

From August 7–10, Las Vegas hosted Jeff Moss’s internationally known Black Hat Convention for computer security professionals as well as the 22nd annual DEF CON gathering, attended by hackers worldwide. I was among the many thousands of participants at DEF … Continue reading

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